Famous real estate financial acquisition

For active real estate investors, you can find knowledgeable
sellers, who will sell their property at a discount. There are financial
returns, which can sometimes result in the purchase generating huge profits.
According to JLR’s latest report, the company has collected a lot of market
data. Compared to last year, abandonments (forced or voluntary) have decreased
slightly and have remained relatively stable for several years.

What is a financial acquisition?

When the defaulting owner receives a notice from the
creditor who granted the mortgage, the funds are recovered. If the creditor
does not resiliate his or her breach of contract within the period prescribed
by law (i.e., within 60 days […] Read more

Buying a property seized by a bank in Montreal

Buying a property seized
by a bank in Montreal can offer you a significant discount allowing you to save
several thousands of dollars. However, in order to find a property seized and
put up for sale by a bank, the buyer must spend a large part of his or her time
searching online or other advertising media. Moreover, there is a great risk of
missing a great opportunity if you do not have all the necessary tools for this
kind of search.

Asking for the help of
a real estate broker is probably a good idea, simply because he has the
advanced search tools that can be very […] Read more

Save from 10 to 25 percent with Montreal foreclosures

Save from 10 to 25 percent with Montreal foreclosures


Montreal Foreclosures can allow you to save from 10 up to 25 percent of the transaction amount related to the property you want to buy, and even more in some cases.

For buyers who are wishing to find a real good deal, they need to spend hours and hours researching in a bunch of newspapers, and spending most of their time in front of their computer screen. Moreover, finding and valuing a real estate using these methods can cause total disorientation and requires a lot of time.

Fortunately, searching foreclosures in the greater Montreal […] Read more

Montreal Foreclosures 101

“Foreclosure“, that term may seem obscure to outsiders not used to often hearing legal terms. So what does this expression mean? Foreclosed property means a process in which a house is seized by a bank or a credit agency to be sold at low price on the real estate market. A house sets as foreclosed belonged either to an individual who could no longer pay his monthly payments and other due, or to a developer who went bankrupt. So, it all starts from a situation of distress for some, but help others to access real estate offers much […] Read more

Buying a foreclosed property: all you need to know!

Foreclosed homes, also called finance reversals, are properties resold on the market property to recover monies owed by the former owners. The seller is, that time, a financial institution, which became the owner following a court decision taking place in the framework of a procedure of taking in payment or it can also be a person designated by a Court to proceed to the selling at the former owners’ place (sale by judicial authority).

In the past, there were amazing deals since banks only aimed at recovering the amounts due. This is less the case now. In […] Read more

Free property foreclosures list

More information on the free list from Montreal Real Estate Foreclosures.com

If you are looking for a house at a low price, a foreclosure from the bank can be an excellent solution.

It is not always easy to find the right property in this type of situation, because you must regularly go through all the ads in order to be on the lookout for opportunities. Our automated service offers you the possibility of letting us do the research daily and create lists of properties in foreclosure. This free service allows you to save time and to be a […] Read more

5 main steps to buying a property

There are only a few short steps to buying a property, which means there’s not a lot of distance between you and your future home.

5 main steps to buying a property

Establish your borrowing capacity

A good first step to take is to get pre-approval for a mortgage. This will establish your borrowing capacity in view of your income, monthly expenses, debts and credit rating. Pre-approval doesn’t guarantee an interest rate, but it does help you fix your budget for the house hunt.

Determine what you can afford as a down payment plus any additional costs

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